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how mold grows in your home

Learn How Mold Grows in Your Home

Have you ever wondered how mold grows? And why mold spreads quickly in certain homes, but not in others? It isn’t because a house doesn’t have mold. There’s truly no way around mold’s existence, because in many ways it is beneficial to the ecosystem we’re living in. The environment needs it to help decompose organic matter, just not so much of it, and we definitely do not need the common types of molds growing uncontrollably in our homes. 

The major difference between healthy amounts of mold existing in the world, and all the mold spreading like wildfire in your bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and inside the walls: constant access to lots of moisture.

How Mold Grows? It’s Always the Mold Spores!

Moisture alone won’t be enough to grow mold, but normally when moisture exists so does the perfect temperature, food supply and oxygen. When thinking about how mold grows, what’s important to remember, before mold reaches its preferred environment, it has to release spores into the air. Spores are so small, smaller than even plant seeds, that the naked eye can’t always see them. Plus, their small size makes it extremely easy to spread with just a little air movement and flowing water. 

Mold spores can latch onto clothing, fur, shoes, and any type of tools used to clean your house. Normally, this isn’t a huge deal, because spores can’t grow without their favorite things to feed off of: moisture, the perfect temperature, organic food supply, and oxygen. If it lands in an inhospitable environment, it will just hang out and wait.

Mold Growth and Mold Reproduction

Once mold spores manage to find their perfect breeding ground filled with moisture, the desired food supply, oxygen and temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees fahrenheit, it grows fast and furious. As it grows and feeds, it destroys the material it’s feeding off of with digestive enzymes and causes structural damage to your house. It also causes health hazards. 

The worst part about mold growth and mold reproducing in your house: it’s not always easy to see. By the time it is visible to you, it’s already done a lot of damage to your home. Oftentimes, it grows and reproduces behind walls, which you won’t even know is happening until it is too late and your house is falling apart around you, or your health is declining without knowing the reason behind the decline.

Remember, we have pipes running throughout our homes, and if a leak happens, it’s not something a homeowner will know about until major damage occurs on the visible side of the wall. By then, it’s often grown so much, a homeowner may have to leave the house and hope a professional can clean it all out, replace the damaged parts of the house, and do the best to make sure the moisture won’t return.

When people tell you not to clean mold yourself, it’s because of those pesky spores!

Leave the Professionals to Clean Mold

If you have done a mold inspection, or can visually see mold, your best way to avoid a major mold infestation is to hire a professional to clean and remediate the mold growth. Trying to clean it yourself could result in mold spores releasing into the air, getting sucked into air vents, or just simply blowing into another part of your house. If there happens to be moisture and the right food source, you’ve just created the perfect storm without realizing it.

Mold clean up is a serious undertaking, and requires expert skills to properly clean it up.

Experts in Mold Removal and Remediation

Our expert team knows exactly how to contain mold affected areas of a house, and how to properly clean mold so spores never make their way to other parts of the house. There’s extensive training we do, and specific tools we use to properly clean and then remediate mold. It’s the best way to avoid the spread of mold, save yourself money, and stress. Let us help you with mold issues in your house.

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Mold can be toxic – make sure you call in the professionals to help!