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Mold can cause serious health issues and major structural damage to your home or business. Let the experts at Farr’s Mold Remediation remove the mold and restore your home, business, or property.

At Farr’s Mold Remediation, we take mold seriously. We offer professional mold removal and remediation services across Metro-Detroit. We’re Oakland County’s leading mold remeditation company and have been since 1988. 

If your home or office is at risk of mold from flood damage, humidity, or water leaks, give us a call for a free mold estimate. 

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What We Do

Mold Removal & Remediation Services

As a local mold restoration company, we know there are two parts to the process: mold removal and mold remediation. In order to contain the mold and begin the mold removal process, we need to inspect the mold itself. We diagnose the type of mold which helps us understand what kind of damage the mold created.

As we start to assess the mold damage, we create a plan of action that makes sense for what you’re experiencing. If we find structural or aesthetic damage, we’ll review that information with you to create a mold restoration plan.

Once the mold is contained, we safely remove it and begin the process of removing toxins from the air.​

We are your source for mold inspection and removal in Southeast Michigan. Our mold inspectors are certified, highly skilled, and experienced mold service professionals. 

Trust us to inspect the mold, dry out the space, removal the mold, and repair the damage.

Mold Inspections

We visually inspect to pinpoint the problem areas in your home or business. we then try to pinpoint the source of the moisture which is most likely the reason that you may have a mold problem. Swabs and air samples will be taken to our laboratory for analysis and recommendations for remediation.​

Structural Dry Out​

When water pools in your home, it can lead to water damage and mold. Aside from a mold inspection, a structural dry out to clear up and dry out water after a leak or a flood is the best way to prevent any further damage from occurring. Our experts can come in and dry out damaged areas.​

Mold Removal

The source of the water must be identified and corrected . All wet materials (including carpets and upholstery) must be dried completely and furniture will be removed from the affected area(s). Once everything is dry, mold growth will be removed and surfaces will be cleaned.​

Post-Mold Repairs

After mold had been removed and the cleanup has been done correctly in the area affected, we confirm there are no accidental distributions of high levels of moldy dust and debris into other areas of the house or into its mechanical systems such as heating or air conditioning systems.

Water Damage Repair

Once the structural dry out is completed and the majority of the water from the affected area(s) is gone, we can assess the damage to come up with a game plan for repairing damage. Sometimes that involves repairing drywall and painting, othertimes it requires structural repairs.​

Handling Insurance

Home insurance companies usually don't cover mold damage unless it's directly related to a "covered peril" such as Fire; Lightning; Vandalism or malicious mischief; Damage caused by vehicles; or Weight of ice, snow, or sleet. Our experts will assist you in filling the insurance claim, if needed.​

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Since 1988, Farr's Mold Remediation has helped thousands of people remove and treat mold problems.

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