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can a house with mold damage be saved

Can a House with Mold Damage be Saved?

You’ve spent months house hunting and finally – FINALLY – you’ve found the perfect house you truly feel you can make into your home. You and your family are excited, and can’t wait to move the process along. Then, the home inspection arrives and the results aren’t what you were expecting. Your dream home has mold, there is significant mold damage that wasn’t noticeable during the showing. That’s when you have to bring in a mold specialist to ask can a house with mold damage be saved, or will you have to start your home search again?

What to do if a Home Inspection Reveals Mold Damage

First and foremost, don’t panic. Instead, ask the homeowners you’re purchasing the house from if you can bring in a mold remediation professional to get the full picture and to ensure any mold found doesn’t cause health issues. Often, even after mold has been removed, a mold remediation technician will be able to: 
  • locate where the mold started
  • why it started
  • if it was removed properly
  • if the mold damage repairs will be something you will be able to afford
Until you have the whole story, keep the faith! It could be an expense you’re willing to pay in order to make the house yours! Or, it can score you a deep discount from the people selling the house. Also keep in mind, damage often looks worse than it actually is. It’s always best to allow professionals to assess everything and come up with a plan to repair mold damage.

Repairing a Home After Mold Remediation 

Mold remediation goes deeper than just cleaning and drying out a mold infested home. Oftentimes, if the infected areas weren’t removed properly, the mold will grow and invade the home again. You want to have a mold professional assess the work done, and then have a professional contractor do an estimate for repairs on the remediated areas. If you’ve: 
  • gotten the seal of approval from your own mold professional
  • brought in a professional contractor for estimates for repairs from the damage from the mold removal
  • received a price reduction from the sellers to cover the necessary repairs 
  • have nailed down homeowners insurance 
You’ll be able make an informed decision on whether or not to continue the real estate transaction.

Always Invest in a Professional Mold Remediation Specialist

Regardless of whether you see mold, or don’t see it, in a house you’ve chosen to purchase, alway request to have your own mold inspection done along with a house inspection. Mold can’t always be seen by the naked eye, and a mold specialist will also be able to see if a house has been “repaired” after a mold invasion! Repairing a home after mold has damaged it can often be done, it’s just a matter of how much it will cost a homeowner. Farr’s not only provides customers with mold inspections and remediation, we’re also able to do home repairs once the mold has been handled. Contact us today before making your final decision about purchasing your dream home.

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