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Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance

Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring. Every year it teases us for weeks as the weather and temperatures transition from winter and finally sticks around for the long haul. As homeowners around the world curse the weather changes, we also tend to put off our spring home maintenance tasks! However, the time has come and it’s time to start checking off the long list of tasks on our spring home maintenance checklists.

Spring Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

A good rule of thumb is to start from the top and work your way down when you start outdoor maintenance and upkeep.

Gutters and Roof

If you haven’t installed gutter guards, you’ll need to clean out your gutters. While up on your roof, checking for any roof damage is a great idea. Things like loose shingles, and the flashing around your roof and chimney. If you see anything, try not to fix it yourself. Any roof issues should be looked at by an experienced roofing contractor. Many roofing companies provide free estimates, and can provide a better idea of what needs to be done. Get multiple estimates done, but definitely make sure you have your roof in good shape or you’ll end up with more expensive fixes down the road, including mold growth.

Power Washing

A house goes through a lot over the fall and winter seasons. Depending on where you live, this means snow, rain, high winds, and all of this weather brings layers of dirt and grime on your siding, windows, and doors. 

Power washing from your gutters all the way down your siding, windows, and doors can freshen  up the look of your house. As you power wash, take notice of any leaks around your windows and doors. Have any leaks taken care of so your home stays dry inside, and you don’t run the risk of black mold growth.

Once the house is looking good, move to your pathways, patios, porches, and outdoor furniture. If you don’t own the right equipment, consider hiring a professional to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Window and Glass Door Cleaning

Power washing gets the grime off of windows, but they really do need to be cleaned inside and outside for a truly clean and streak free look. Washing windows also provides the opportunity to get a closer look at the window and door screens. 

When you remove them to clean them, as well as the interior side of the windows, you can inspect them for holes. Holes in screens means bugs inside! 

Prep the Yard

Clear out gardens, and as you move around the gardens closest to your house, check the foundation for any cracks and holes. Foundation issues can be a sign of substantial issues with your home’s structure. Have a professional come to inspect the foundation to avoid major structure damage that could cost a lot of money in the future. 

Fix stonework, or cracks in cement patios, as well as inspect your wooden structures for:

  • damage that could cause splinters
  • termites
  • rotting

Just look for anything that could cause accidents in your yard, or considerable damage to your home, then call a professional to help fix anything that you’re not skilled at fixing. 

Water Sources

Inspect your water spigots and re-attach your garden hoses. Make sure all your water sources aren’t leaking, and are working properly. 


Spring is often the best time of the year to freshen up your outdoor spaces, such as your deck. The reason: 50 degrees is thought to be the best temperature to get the best results from your paint. A coat of paint has time to dry properly when the temperature is at its optimal level. 

Interested in changing the color of your home even if you have siding? Not a problem for a professional painter. Want to add just a pop of color but don’t want to change the color of your entire house? Paint your front door, and shutters! We can handle any paint job you’re considering this spring.

Proper Outside Home Care

Properly maintaining the exterior of your home will save you headaches down the road. Catching leaks, cracks, and deterioration to your home will help you nip these issues in the bud before the problems spiral out of control. Once the issues get out of hand, the price tag to fix them can send a homeowner into a financial crisis. If you’re handy, many of these fixes can be done inexpensively with simple trips to your local home improvement store and a quick Youtube tutorial!

Heading outside to do thorough inspections in spring and at the end of the summer season may cost money if you need to hire a professional to fix a few things, but NOT doing these twice a year inspections will often require expensive repairs as the issues worsen. If you’re struggling to do the inspections and clean ups, or you aren’t able to make simple repairs, contact a professional you can trust!