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house sick

Is Your House Making You Sick?

It’s hard to imagine the place you’re supposed to feel safe and protected could be the one thing causing your pain, and illness, but it can happen. When you’ve been experiencing nagging symptoms like headaches, fatigue, body aches, chills, forgetfulness, irritability, sore throats and just an overall feeling of being

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mold color types

What are the Mold Color Types

All molds are some type of fungus. Mold grows on organic matter such as plants, food, wood, and soil, as well as floors, ceilings, and drywall. Where there is moisture, there is the chance mold spores are germinating and accumulating.  Now as nice as it is to think of mold

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common home mold

Common Types of Mold Found in Homes

They say not to Google your health symptoms online, right? Why? Because more often than not, it’ll end up causing unwarranted worrying. The same holds true for Googling about mold! Almost all information you end up finding is about black mold and how it will, well, harm you beyond anything

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